Cat Breeder Program

Our Breeder program has been designed to support pet professionals with a variety of cat recipes that deliver optimum balanced nutrition for adult cats and a great start for kittens. Join the Breeder program and take advantage of our incentives, which save you money and ensure that every kitten that you care for develops to its full potential through the superior nutrition offered by Nutreco products.

HOW IT WORKS… 1,2,3 to savings!



Breeder Program for Cats

Buy 6 Get 1 Free

Collect your UPC codes and receipts from WHOLESOME Blend Grain Free, Naturally FRESH or LIFETIME cat food bags 5 kg or larger.

When you have 6 UPC codes & receipts attached to redemption form, mail to us and we will send you a voucher for one (1) FREE bag of the same product.

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For more information, contact the breeder coordinator at: or

Nutreco Breeder Program - 600 James Street, St. Marys, Ontario N4X 1C7