Our Green CommitmentSustainability is a measure of the ability to endure – to create policies and become responsible for the long-term well being of your organization. For us, it is also about creating sustainable practices for the world surrounding our company.

There are 3 components of sustainability: financial, environmental and social.

Wout Dekker, CEO Nutreco, stated “When we founded Nutreco in 1994 … we chose a name to reflect our activities and concerns:

nutrition, ecology and economy.

Nutreco has a very aggressive commitment globally to reducing its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 10% in 2010 and 50% by 2015.

What is being done by Nutreco Canada?

Operational Best Practices

We continue to reduce all possible inefficiencies to improve operational best practices and reduce waste.

  1. Technology – adoption of new equipment technologies to improve efficiencies, and to maximize the lifespan of the equipment currently in use.
  2. Recyclable waste program for paper, plastics and cardboard
  3. Improved operation efficiencies – working to maximize the output from our plant to reduce the running times required, less usage of materials and resources.

Green Logistics

As part of our Green logistic campaign we source regional ingredients from only approved suppliers for our foods. This not only supports our local economy but also helps reduce long distance vehicle emissions, allows for more flexible inventory management to maximize the freshness of ingredients in our products and supports our ability to work in close partnership with our suppliers to meet our specific requirements.

As a Canadian manufacturer using Canadian ingredients we provide for our customers quality “Product of Canada” pet foods.

This commitment to proven safe ingredients will benefit your pets overall wellness.

Reducing the Stress on Our Forests

All of our paper point of sales materials or brochures is made printed on FSC certified paper (either from previously recycled paper or sourced from companies conducting responsible forest practices).

At our facility we also use recyclable poly shrink wrap to package our small bags to reduce waste instead of cardboard boxes.


In April of 2009 we launched our Award Winning first to trade recyclable and sustainable poly packaging for our pets, our customers and our environment.

EB 1 is a 100% PE film. This reduces the manufacturing process by 50% (compared to Laminated bag) and is 100% recyclable (LDPE 4). The manufacturing process reduces energy (kw/h) by 30% reducing Co2 by 30%.

This innovation in packaging has proven to be efficient & attractive to our growing customer base. We have committed to have all our entire WHOLESOME Blend & LIFETIME line up moved to recyclable but mid 2011.